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Your Health is in Good Hands

We see the biggest challenge facing the self-insured employer group as how do you provide your employees with the best possible care, delivering the best possible medical outcomes while at the same time controlling the cost. Integrated Healthcare Management has the answer to that question and the processes and medical professionals to make it your reality.
Studies prove that a high quality, robust medical plan is a key factor in employee retention. When an organization chooses a self-insured plan, they are investing into the care and well-being of their employees and families. While standard of care is often top of mind, there is also need for the employer to manage cost and risk. We assist the employer and negotiate the delicate balance between supporting the highest possible standard of care and controlling the sometimes unyielding associated treatment costs.
To discover the answer, you must first understand the problem. Your self-insured program is in the hands of six or more organizations who generally do not communicate and who may not have your employees’ best medical interests in mind and who do not think outside the box for better solutions. Integrated Healthcare Management works with all of these organizations to ensure the best patient outcome with lower cost to the employer group. Simply, our process saves money.

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